Christmas Crafts – DIY Advent Calendar


Last year I just made this advent calendar for my boyfriend after I came across a similar idea on Pinterest. It’s unconventional and thoughtful. I used After Eight chocolates, one for each card and each card had a personal message inside.

Start by buying blank cards, the smaller the cuter (but that’s a preference). Decorate them with stickers and add your personal touch to them. I’m not awfully creative so anything simple will be just as nice! Inside the messages can be as personal as you want, I went with “I love you because…” and wrote 24 different reasons for each day of the advent calendar. I added an After Eight chocolate inside every card to keep it close to the conventional advent calendar and also, of course, have a treat! After Eights were ideal as they’re wrapped individually to avoid melting etc.

Once the cards are crafted, mark them with numbers on the outside to represent the day that you want them to be opened. Finish by putting them in a tin (I used a Ben’s Cookie’s tin)!