FRIENDS – Best Show Ever!


Happy 20th Anniversary to the best show ever made! I can’t believe it’s 20 years since the first episode aired.. Makes me feel old! This show gets me up when I’m down and higher when I’m happy, it’s just too awesome! I still hope the cast will do a reunion! I don’t want to make this post too long so I picked a FEW (very very very few) of my fave bits! -KK_x






San Francisco

San Francisco

Hey all! Apologies for not posting anything in a while, I’ve been in the States; San Francisco in particular. So, there will soon be more pictures in the ‘Beautiful Places’ section on my blog from the different places I’ve visited around California. More baking recipes will also be added shortly 🙂


Dessert in just under 5 minutes!

When you’re in a hurry and you don’t fancy spending ages making dessert, there’s always an answer! You just need a pack of meringues, 500ml of double cream (increase to preference) and raspberries.

1. Lay out the meringues on a plate

2. Whip up the double cream using a mixer (adding vanilla sugar) and spread it across on top of the meringues

3. Add on the raspberries and done!

RIP Paul Walker

There are not many “celebrities” that I would personally be devastated about and write a tribute to  if they passed away, but sadly Paul Walker happens to be one of them. In the late hours of Saturday afternoon Walker was involved in a fatal car accident, along with driver and friend Roger  Rodas. Walker wasn’t just an actor, he was a humanitarian and a true inspiration. As a huge fan myself, I want to pay my respects to his family and friends. He will be truly missed and never forgotten. May you rest in peace Paul Walker.